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Upgrade Options

Narda now offers several cost-effective upgrade options for owners of older
Model 8700 Series products.

8718 - 8718B Firmware
8712 - 8715
8700 Probes - 8700D Series Connector
8745/8746 Fiber Optic Link - 8747/8748 Fiber Optic Link

Review the upgrade section of our catalog for more details.

8718 Meter Upgrade

Your Model 8718 can be upgraded to operate with most of the new features of the Model 8718B.

The 8718 Meter Upgrade Will

• Upgrade main circuit board to 8718B configuration
• Install Version 3.0 Firmware
• Supply Version 3.0 Interface Software
• Supply 8718B Users’ Guide
• Test and calibrate meter

How will your upgraded 8718 differ from a new model 8718B?

• It will still have the same screw-on type “A” probeconnector.

• It will continue to use the same charger.

• The marking will not change other than the firmware version that shows on the display during boot-up.

8712 Meter Upgrade

Your Model 8712 Meter can be upgraded to the mid-level Model 8715 meter configuration. The two major upgrade features of the 8715 are spatial averaging and six-minute time averaging.

8712 Meter Upgrade will:

• Upgrade 8712 meter hardware and firmware to 8715 configuration
• Supply 8715 Operations Manual
• Test and calibrate meter

The upgraded meter will be identical to a new Model 8715. The only items not included are:

• The Model 8713B Electric Field Attenuator and the Insulated Handle/Tripod, included with a new 8715, will not be supplied. They may be purchased separately as accessories.

• The yellow instrument case will not be altered or replaced.

Probe Upgrade

Older-style 8700 Series Probes featured the screw-on type “A” connector, and usually included a cable. These probes can be upgraded to a configuration that features the same quick-release, type “L” connector as the 8700D Series Probes. Probes upgraded in this way are referred to as 8700N-style probes. This upgrade is most cost-effective when performed while the probe is at Narda for routine calibration.

The N-type Probe Upgrade Includes:

• Change to quick-release connector style connector configuration

• Calibration of probe

Not Included in the price of the probe upgrade are:

• Any repairs not associated with the connector or probe cable

• The 8743 or 8744 style probe extension cable that is required to connect an “N” style probe to any of the 8700 series meters.

Fiber Optic Link Upgrade

Older style fiber optic transmitter Models 8745T and 8746T feature the same “Type A” screw-on connector as the older style 8700 Series Probes. The current fiber optic transmitter models 8747 and 8748 feature the quick-release “Type L” connector. The 8700D Series Probes and older probes upgraded to this connector (referred to as 8700N Series, see above) plug directly into the new fiber optic transmitters. This connector provides both electrical connection and mechanical support.

The fiber optic transmitter upgrade includes:

• Change to quick-release, connector-style connector and new label

• Calibration of fiber optic transmitter