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RF Safety Program Guide

The topic of RF safety is important to every organization that either uses RF and microwave energy to deliver an end product such as a wireless service or employs it to perform an industrial function such as packaging, cooking, and drying of materials or products. Maintaining a safe environment for employees as well as the general public is not simply a good idea – it’s the law, and it is being enforced more rigorously every year. An RF safety program is the key to establishing and maintaining an environment that offers personal protection and is legally defensible. The thought of establishing such a program often strikes fear into the hearts of organizations, bemoaning yet another layer of bureaucracy, endless paperwork, and the need to learn about RF and microwave technology.

Click Here To Download the Practical Guide for Establishing an RF Safety Program

RF Microwave Training

Radio Frequency Safety Officer (RFSO) Training

Comprehensive occupational safety training programs focus on the basic principles of RF safety, compliance with Major standards, and setting up an RF safety program.

Click here to download the 2015 Radio Frequency Safety Officers Training Course.


Safety engineers and officers, Health and Safety managers, providers of measurement services, engineering planning consultants, maintenance and service personnel, persons responsible in engineering control associations and trade supervisory authorities.

RF Training for Industry

Duration: 3 days Site(s):Long Island (New York) & Las Vegas (Nevada)

Customer-Specific RF Training

Duration:from 1/2 to 3 days Site(s): USA and Canada

Contact for Requirements: nardasts@l3t.com

3-Level High-Frequency Training

Duration: 2 days Site(s): Europe

Training Videos

The video films 'Safety Training' (20 minutes) and/or 'Training in Measuring Techniques' (33 minutes) are available, from your Sales Partner.

Online Training

For customers seeking online training courses, Global RF Solutions is one of the leading internet based companies, for wireless safety training.

Visit the - Global RF Solutions Training Site

Refer to the RF Training Section of our catalog for more details.