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Personal and Area Monitor (Nardalert S3)

Personal and Area Monitor (Nardalert S3)

Nardalert S3 Personal Monitor

(can be used as an Area Monitor also)

The world's most advanced NIR (Non-Ionizing Radiation) Monitor designed to be used either as a personal monitor worn on the body or as a fixed area monitor.

  • Specifications given based upon on-the-body use
  • Field-replaceable sensor modules
  • Full color LCD display
  • Multi-color alarm
  • USB port for data and charging
  • Interchangeable lanyard or belt clip
  • Comprehensive software included
  • Can be deployed with NBM-580 for collecting readings from multiple Nardalert meters and probes
  • Can be used as a fixed area monitor in conjunction with survey meter NBM-580 for collecting readings from multiple Nardalert meters.
  • ELF-immune up to 100 kV/m
  • Traceable Calibration Report included

Properties: The Nardalert S3 features field replaceable sensors, a large color display and comprehensive user-friendly software. The unit showcases an innovative mechanical design with removable sensors that provides for rapid field support and unlimited upgradeability for users. This new model's top-mounted color LCD simplifies operation and improves the user's situational awareness. The Nardalert S3 is readily chargeable through a computer's USB port, and employs light, sound, and vibration alarms. Narda engineers even included a protective silicon skin for field use, and interchangeable belt and lanyard clips.

  • 1. Tests performed by the UK's prestigious NPL (National Physical Laboratory) - This report documents the ability of the NS3 to provide isotropic detection at frequencies less than 100 MHz, when worn on the body. Our engineers believe no other monitor achieved satisfactory results. Please click here to view test report.
  • 2. ELF/VLF immunity tests by the U.S. Department of Energy - Bonneville Power Authority. These tests were performed to determine if the Nardalert S3 would false alarm in the presence of a strong ELF field (100 kV/m) and/or fail to correctly detect an RF field. Please click here to view the report.



Version 1.0.1 (.zip - right-click to download)

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