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Wireless / Telecommunications

Wireless / Telecommunications

Wireless / Telecommunication

Transmission installations on towers and roofs, and also mobile radio equipment, Pager, PCS, SMR and 2-Way Radio (USA) are regarded as radiation sources.

Transmission installations - Measurement Tasks

In the near field area, E and H fields must be measured separately. Several antennas situated close together often emit different frequencies. Shaped probes make measurement considerably easier.

Frequency range

30 MHz ... 3 GHz

Mobile Radio - Measurement Tasks (Cellular, GSM, Blue Tooth, UMTS)

In most cases, there are low loads caused by field strengths.

Frequency range

400 MHz ...3 GHz, base station coupled via radio relay systems up to 40 GHz

Recommended Equipment

Broadband: NBM 550 or NBM 520

- Probe : shaped

Narrowband: SRM 3006

RF Monitors: Nardalert S3 or Radman

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