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Narda Safety Test Solutions offers a wide array of RF Safety Training to meet all your training needs. Our different levels of training range from our 2-hour RF Awareness Training overview to our 2-day Radio Frequency Safety Officer (RFSO) Training course. Product-specific and customer-specific training is also available in durations ranging from 1/2-day to 3 days as required. Our training courses are valuable resources for health & safety managers, safety engineers and officers, engineering consultants, maintenance and service personnel, and provides of measurement services.

RF Awareness Training (2-hour course)

A general overview of RF radiation and how to control your exposure to RF.

"Train the Trainer" Training (Duration as required)

Learn how to give RF Awareness Training to your team.

Radio Frequency Safety Officer (RFSO) Training (2-day course)

A comprehensive occupational safety training program which focuses on the basic principles of RF safety, compliance with major standards, and setting up an RF safety program. Download the Radio Frequency Safety Officers (RFSO) Training Course Description

Survey Measurements and Techniques Training (Duration as required)

Learn the basics of conducting an RF survey.

Product-Specific Training (Duration as required)

Available upon request, specific to any Narda instrument product.

RF Safety Program Guide

FREE guide which provides an overview of the basic elements necessary to establish and implement an RF Safety Program. Download the Practical Guide for Establishing an RF Safety Program

Refer to the RF Training Section of our catalog for more details.

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Tel: (631) 231-1700
Fax: (631) 231-1711

Narda Safety Test Solutions
435 Moreland Road
Hauppauge, NY 11788 USA