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High Frequency Selective Radiation Meters (SRM)

High Frequency Selective Radiation Meters (SRM)

SRM-3006 Frequency-selective field strength measurement system for fast and reliable RF-safety analysis

Properties: Imagine a rooftop with several mobile radio systems and a TV transmitter nearby. How can you tell what each system is contributing to the overall field exposure level? When it comes to different areas such as occupational safety, the general public and the home, the relevant field levels can vary. Which field sources are at stake? What is the corresponding field strength?

The SRM-3006 answers these questions, directly on site. With its triaxial probe, the SRM-3006 measures the electromagnetic field selectively, by service and frequency, regardless of where the radiation is coming from. You can view the results as a field strength or as a percent of the legal limit. It provides an immediate summary of all sources with their field strengths, right on the spot.

The SRM-3006 is our second generation, hand-held system for performing narrowband analysis of electromagnetic fields. Unlike our NBM series (broadband), the SRM-3006 has the ability to give you results of individual emitters and also generate a total of all emitters. The SRM-3006 allows you to verify compliance with the US FCC's "5% Rule" as well as accurately detect fields well below domestic and international standards. The SRM-3006 also has the ability to measure fields more accurately than broadband equipment and maybe more importantly, it is able to give you more information than just the total - like exactly what emitter or emitters are generating the most of the power.

No other measurement system gives you the information and accuracy that the SRM-3006 does. Narda Safety Test Solutions provides complete calibration information standard with every unit, just as you'd expect from the world leader.


EHP-200A Electric and Magnetic Field Analyzer


The EHP-200A features built-in spectrum analysis of E- and H-field intensity vs. frequency in the 9 kHz - 30 MHz frequency range, with no or minimum perturbation of the fields to be measured.

  • Electric fields from 0.02 to 1000 V/m
  • Magnetic fields from 0.6 mA/m to 300 A/m
  • Auxiliary input for spectrum analysis of external signals
  • Separate 3-axis and total values
  • Built-in frequency spectrum analysis
  • Maximum BW resolution of 1 kHz for detailed measurements
  • Calculation of the field wave impedance
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Optical fibre connection to PC, Pocket PC and 8053-display and logger unit
  • Only 92 x 92 x 109 mm in size

Broadcasting Surveillance

The EHP-200A measures the actual fields generated by broadcast transmitters, to ensure safety around the sites of large antennas, to control the transmitted power in the actual radiation direction, to test the functionality of the transmitting antennas and to identify the borders between near and far field regions.

  • Wave impedance calculation
  • This method is particularly suitable for evaluating the non-linear, scattered near-field region of large broadcast antenna systems.


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