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Low Frequency Software

EFA-TS Software (Discontinued)

Software for remote control and data analysis for EFA-200/300

  • supports remote control function and data export
  • transfers the data from the device memory.
  • saves the data on the PC.
  • analyses the data and permits representative graphical presentation of the results in the form of a measurement protocol.
  • interface for Windows for device configuration and/or remote control.
  • displays the memory data in five different ways.
  • additional analysis functions.
  • export functions.

Demo Software (Release 1.04 - 4.5MB)

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EFA-Tools (Discontinued)

The EFA is shipped with a diskette containing the "EFA-200/300 Tools" software.

This software has three components:

Exports measurement data from the basic unit or from the E-field unit to a PC for further processing.

Transfers user-selectable STANDARDS to the basic unit or the E-field unit.

Loads current firmware on the basic unit or the E-field unit. This is used to enable further operating modes in the basic unit or the E-field unit.

EFA Tools (1.3MB)

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EFA-200/300 Firmware (Discontinued)

For upgrading EFA-200/300 Firmware

This includes basic unit and E-Field probe.
Note: When downloading firmware to P.C., file must be saved with *.sof extension.
(see chapter 10.2.3 of the operation manual for further instructions)

Firmware (Release 2.04 - 640KB)

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EHP-50 C and D and EHP-200 and 200A (Discontinued)

Remote Control and Configuration Software

Software to configure and display swept data from either sensor.
Software to download and display stored field reading from either sensor.

Software (Release 1.63 - 9MB)

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