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Low Frequency Meters

Low Frequency Meters


Measuring device for evaluating safety in magnetic fields (1 Hz - 400 kHz)

Features: The ELT-400 is an innovative tester for evaluating magnetic radiation exposure in the workplace and in public spaces. The device was developed for use by health and safety officials in industry, by insurance companies and by service-industry users.

The ELT-400 handles almost all of the required measurements in the low to medium frequency range with accuracy and ease. The device is comparable to sound level meters, which are commonly used in the workplace to protect against excessive noise exposure.

Options: Use as an active probe with a three-channel analog output for analysis applications involving an oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer.



Electric and Magnetic Isotropic Field Analyzer

Field analyzers for low frequency fields, selective and broadband measurements


Isotropic measurement of electric and magnetic ELF fields
  • Conforms to EMF Directive 2013/35/EU
  • Weighted Peak method for capturing complex signal shapes
  • FFT spectrum analysis for E-field and H-field in one device
  • High measurement sensitivity and large dynamic range
  • Optical interface for connection to PC or NBM-550 display unit
  • Data logger for stand-alone operation
  • Long battery operating times, yet compact and light

Included in delivery:
  • EHP-50F Basic unit
  • EHP-TS PC Software
  • Tripod Extension, 0.50m
  • Mini Tripod, Benchtop
  • AC/DC Battery Charger
  • Certificate of calibration
  • O/E Converter USB, RP-02/USB
  • Optical Bridge Connector RP-02
  • Cable, FO Duplex, RP-02, 10m
  • Soft carrying case
  • User manual EHP-50 (printed)



Magnetometer for measurement and analysis of static and time-variable magnetic fields

Measurement Range: 0 Hz (DC) to 1 KHz.


The meter includes a very powerful FFT analyzer that allows signal analysis in both the time and the frequency domains. The fast signal processing allows detailed, highly accurate gap-free analysis of the frequency spectrum. The results can be displayed as a live spectrum, as a spectrogram versus time, or as a three-dimensional waterfall diagram. A built-in narrow band filter in the range 0 Hz to 1 Hz is particularly suitable for standard-compliant measurements according to human safety standards. The HP-01 is operated using the HP01-TS software supplied. An optical cable (10 m long) with USB adapter links the measuring device to the PC.


  • Field exposure evaluation according to current standards and regulations such as Directive 2013/35/EU for workplaces
  • Frequency-selective and wideband measurement of magnetic fields from 0 Hz to 1000 Hz
  • Non-directional (isotropic) measurement with orthogonally arranged Hall sensors
  • Extremely wide measurement range from 10 uT to 10 T (dynamic range 120 dB)
  • FFT spectrum analysis and time response display
  • Narrow band filter for standard compliant measurement in the range 0 Hz to 1 Hz
  • Optical interface for control by PC or NBM-550 (not yet supported)


EFA-300/300B (Discontinued)

Field Analyzer for LF fields, selective and broadband

Properties: For magnetic field (EFA-300B), for magnetic and electric field (EFA-300), isotropic, with integrated measuring probe, external probe (accessories), innovative STD (Shaped Time Domain) measuring method with selectable limit values curve, correct-phase peak value measurement, memory for up to 4000 data sets, for time-controlled measurements and remote control, with RS232 interface, fixed filter, variable filter using 0.1 Hz graduations, notch filter, frequency counter, adjustable alarm threshold, storable user setup, EFA tools to read-out measured data (PC) and read-in new standards.

Options: Spectral Analysis FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation, harmonic analysis)

EFA-TS (Transfer Set) Software to control EFA-200/-300.

Includes extended display and analyzing functions.

For further information see the low frequency meters software section.

THM1176 Meter

THM1176 Meter (Discontinued)

for Static Magnetic Fields

Measurement range: low fields to 20 Tesla


The THM1176 is an innovative Hall effect, 3-axis, sensor that measures DC Static (0 Hz) and alternating fields up to 1 kHz. It can be supplied with or without a PDA to display the detected fields.




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