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Application - Military Installations

Armed Forces

Radar and transmission installations, antenna farms and their connecting leads are regarded as radiation sources.

Radar Field Measurements - Measurement Tasks

Measurement technology featuring high dynamic range is required to evaluate high pulsed power levels. True RMS performance (e.g., using thermosensors) is often preferred.

Frequency Range

1 GHz....40 GHz

Detection of Leaks - Measurement Tasks

Waveguides and rotating couplings are subject to wear and aging and should therefore be checked regularly. Defects may cause extremely high field strengths. This requires sensors that are virtually indestructible.

Frequency Range

1 GHz....40 GHz

Satellite Installations - Measurement Tasks

Very low field strengths are usually expected in areas surrounding terrestrial stations. The measurement technology and corresponding probe should feature excellent sensitivity.

Frequency Range - Military Systems

8...9 GHz, 43.5....45.5 GHz

Frequency Range - Satellite equipment

4...6 GHz, 11 ...14 GHz

Communication installations - Measurement Tasks

In the near field area, E and H fields must be measured separately. Several antennas situated close together often emit different frequencies. Especially on ships, such installations are located in the proximity of people mandating continual measurement. Shaped probes make measurement considerably easier.

Frequency Range

(150kHz) 30 MHz ... 3 GHz

Recommended Equipment

Broadband : NBM 550, NBM 520

RF Monitors : Nardalert S3