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Plants for electrolysis, smelting, heating, hardening, plastic welding and semiconductor production should be regarded as radiation sources.

Electrolysis - Measurement Tasks

Static fields are to be measured. Meters with a measuring range up to 2 Tesla are recommended.

Frequency range

0 Hz

Recommended Equipment


Smelting - Measurement Tasks

Powerful magnetic fields can be produced during smelting, rising dramatically in the immediate vicinity of the field source. For the protection of both personnel and equipment, these sources should be approached with caution. The extra function STD (EFA 200/300) makes measurement considerably easier, since not necessary for the user to know the signal shape.

Frequency range

50 Hz, 2 kHz, 10 kHz

Recommended Equipment

ETM-1, EHP-50C, EFA-200/-300

Heating & Hardening - Measurement Tasks

Machines for the heating of metals are offered in a wide variety of frequency ranges. The frequencies can change depending on production requirements. High magnetic field strengths can be produced. So the meter used should have a wide dynamic and frequency range.

Frequency Range

25 kHz ... 100 kHz, 300 kHz ... 10 MHz

Recommended Equipment


Plastic Welding - Measurement Tasks

Very high local field strengths can be produced near the welding electrodes. It is essential to check the E and H fields.

Frequency Range

Usually 27.12 MHz

Recommended Equipment


Semiconductor Production - Measurement Tasks

Semiconductor production equipment covers wide frequency ranges. For measuring results conforming to standards it is, therefore, necessary to use broadband meters.

Frequency range

13,56 MHz, 300 kHz...10 MHz, 40..68 MHz, 2,45 GHz

Recommended Equipment

NBM Series